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8 Jul 2019

Deadline Management: The Group Integrity tool to easily keep track of all deviations

One of the challenges for grower groups with ICS is to follow up the non-conformities and corrective actions of the farmers, as well as to keep track of their deadlines. Having this under control can be a fatiguing task for cooperatives with thousands of farmers, and as they may be applying for different standards, it gets even more complex. If this task is not carried out with care, problems with the certification may occur. Excel tables and to do lists can be an option, but certainly not the best one or the most efficient.

With the module Deadline Management, Group Integrity offers a solution that helps grower groups not to get lost and confused in this field.

By using Group Integrity to conduct internal inspections (on- or offline), all deviations created during the inspection of a certain farmer will be automatically saved in the farmer’s profile. Issuing deviations is easy and structured. Inspectors and ICS Managers can define the type of deviation, for which standard it applies, propose corrective measures, define a compliance date and a responsible person, and issue a progress status to the deviation – all within Group Integrity.

At the same time, the Deadline Management allows ICS Managers to keep an overview of all issued deviations for all farmers in one place, and to track them in a simple way. As you can see in the table above, it is easy to find the deviation with the name of the farmer or his/her identification number, to filter according to a standard or to get a clear overview of all applied deadlines. For instance, when a deadline is overdue, the system will show a red point for the specific deviation so that it cannot be overlooked.

The module also allows you to analyse and quickly detect weaknesses in your group, providing a clear overview on how many deviations were found in a certain area. If, for example, many deviations are detected related to soil erosion, the ICS manager may want to organize a workshop for the concerned group members in order to improve in this area. On top of that, the system enables you to export an overview of all deviations to Excel and hence to print it out, in case a related person to the grower group does not have access to the system.

If requested, the module Deadline Management can also be made available on the Inspector’s and ICS Manager’s Web Portal.

Have we raised your interest? If so, please contact us and we will gladly provide you with more detailed explanations about this module and the multiple other functionalities and possibilities offered by Group Integrity.

In case there are any questions, never hesitate to contact us.

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