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What Group Integrity has to offer

Group Integrity: workflow management, database, data analysis

Group Integrity is an online tool for the professional management of Internal Control Systems (ICS). It increases the likeliness of successful certification, streamlines administrative procedures and allows its users to save expenses and improve economics. It comprises three key functionalities:

  • it serves as a database to capture all relevant data
  • it allows its users to comprehensively analyse and share data
  • it guides its users efficiently through the inspection/ certification workflow

Group Integrity can be accessed online via any web browser or via the Intact Mobile Audit App.

Internal Audit Control

Manage your audit/ certification process from start to end:

Set up your contracts

Plan and execute inspections/ audits (status per crop, field, and standard)

Follow up on non-conformities based on deadlines

Issue related certificates (company certificate, product certificate, transaction certificates etc.)

Multi-standard checklists

Use electronic multi-standard checklists showing each control point of most relevant organic and other quality standards (EU organic, NOP, JAS, UTZ, ...). Additional private standards and languages can be easily incorporated.

Group Integrity: Screenshot Electronic Checklist

Registry of data

Documentation of farmer data, inspection and certification data, contracts, field, and crop data. Cluster farmers using pre-set system categories or your own customised system.

Document upload

Unlimited upload of files, e.g. documents, images, mapsinto each of your farmer's data.

Group Integrity: Screenshot Document Upload

Transaction certificates

Use Group Integrity as your traceability tool: Register and print each farmer's delivery per product and standard, and monitor the delivered amount.


Use predefined templates to report approved farmer and crop lists, list of corrective actions and more, in order to facilitate the external certification audit.

Inspection tools

Forget paper: facilitate and guide the work of inspectors/ auditors with the web portal and the mobile App.

                 GEO Code

Locate through GEO Code and Google Maps each farmer's field or farmer's location.

Group Integrity: Screenshot GEO Code

Non-conformity management

Keep track and follow up farmer deviations, corrective measures and deadlines easiliy.

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