Frequently Asked Questions

What is Group Integrity?

Group Integrity is a web-based tool for the professional management of internal control systems (ICS) or participatory guarantee systems (PGS). It prepares grower groups and companies with contracted smallholders optimally for internal and/or external audits and for the certification against private and/or public quality standards.

Who can use Group Integrity?

Group Integrity can be used by either self-organised grower groups (group of operators) or by businesses who source from smallholders through contract farming.In any case, it helps to track the audit process and the follow up to close findings (non-conformities).

What are the key functionalities of Group Integrity?

Group Integrity is a combination of a database and an inspection/ certification management tool at the same time. Furthermore, the tool allows you to effectively analyse the group’s data and share it with your business partners, for example with your certification body.

Which standards and processes can be "mapped" by the tool?

Group Integrity is very flexible: nearly any standard can be defined and introduced through the system. For each standard, individual checklists can be used. For this purpose, you can either work with pre-set documents or customize the checklists according to your needs.

What does Group Integrity cost?

Group Integrity saves expenses and improves economics. The price is based on an implementation fee (as an initial investment) and on an annual Software as a Service (SaaS) fee, which includes the license, indicidual support, ongoing maintenance, and future update. The SaaS-fee depends on the group's size and on the number of required users.

Which language versions are available?

The system is currently available in English, Spanish, German, French, and Portuguese. Translation into any other language is possible if requested.

What do I need to use the online tool?

Group Integrity is a cloud application and can be accessed via any web browser - no installation is needed. Besides the online access, a mobile app for smartphones or tablet devices allows on- and offline access for inspectors. At least one person of your group or company must be trained to use and manage Group Integrity. Users with basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel will find the software easy to use. To support you, we speak German, English, Spanish, French, and Russian. Please contact us if you need assistance in other languages.

What support can I expect when working with Group Integrity?

In order to successfully implement Group Integrity with you, we will prepare and advise you through live trainings via skype, team-viewer, or – if possible – in person. We will also provide a demo version for testing, written manuals, and video tutorials. Once you work with the system, there is a continuous support service and you can contact us at any time via skype, email or telephone.

Who can see my data?

Nobody else apart from yourself can see your data - only we as your partner can access it for support reasons. The data is hosted with Anexia, an ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001 certified professional hosting company based in Klagenfurt, Austria. We fully comply with the latest EU data protection act (GDPR). According to the user rights and roles, you can define which users can see and/ or edit certain data.

Who offers the tool?

Group Integrity is offered by Organic Services  The software behind Group Integrity is licensed from Intact GmbH, Austria, the provider of the internationally leading ERP solution for audits, certifications, and standards “The Intact Platform” (formerly known as ECERT).

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