Small-scale farming as a sustainable business model

Small-scale farmers worldwide produce a substantial proportion of the world's food, whilst fostering sustainability and biodiversity at the same time. Their participation in national and international markets presents them with opportunities to engage with actors who can access financial resources, capacity building and training. Ideally, it enables them to produce products of higher quality, to sustainably increase their yields, to buy machinery that makes their work easier and improves product quality at the same time, and to build financial reserves to compensate eventual harvest losses, pay school fees and increase their general standard of living.

But the market inclusion of smallholders is not only a development measure.
It is essential to cover global food demands.

Therefore, many international sourcing companies work with smallholders. For them as well as for self-organized grower groups, it is crucial that despite the small structures, compliance with certain public and private standards can be guaranteed.

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