User Manual Group Integrity



Preliminary Remarks
Terms and Abbreviations
0.    Presetting and Accessing Group Integrity
1.    Navigation
2.    Creating your Database
2.1  Create your Database - General 

2.2  Create Dataset for a Producer Group

2.3 Common Functions to all Users

3.    Conducting Internal Inspections 
3.1   Basic information about internal control systems
3.2   Internal Inspection - Single Assignment     

3.3 Internal Inspection - Group Assignment

3.4 Enter inspection data using the Inspector's Info Portal

4.     Certification

4.1 Certification by the ICS Manager

4.2 Certificate

4.3 Deadline Management

5.     Internal Control System (ICS) Management

5.1 Reports that are useful for your ICS Management

5.2 Preliminary settings to use the GCM ICS Management

5.3 ICS Management using the internal ICS Management

6. Data Analysis

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