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14 May

Organic Services Visits Mayacert

Organic Services and Mayacert work to together to ensure that Mayacert is getting the most out of Ecert Basic use.


As the USDA NOP and the Mexican organic authorities have formed a Joint U.S.-Mexico Organic Compliance Committee to work towards an equivalency agreement, the pressure on certifiers continues to increase. And local certifiers such as Mayacert have to fulfill the same ever more demanding requirements as the global players who are their counterparts. Ecert Basic is a key asset for these certifiers as they continue to evolve and stay competitive. MAYACERT is the leading certifier in Guatemala, most of Central America, the Caribbean and South American countries.

Organic Services’ Javier Montañez paid a visit to MAYACERT headquarters in Guatemala City and assisted the certifier’s staff in person with clarifications, tips and explanations on how to get the best of the software for an efficient audit process. For example, automated notifications were enabled, so that inspectors now receive an e-mail as soon as an inspection order has been assigned.

Mr. Montañez was also able to learn MAYACERT’s way of handling its extended list of operators and its professional methods to conduct each audit process. As a result, Organic Services and MAYACERT agreed to adapt the software to better reflect MAYACERT’s current process and modules. As all of MAYACERT’s staff is starting to use Ecert Basic, the better display of current processes is key.



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