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15 May

Group Integrity Welcomes New Client: One World

The German-Nepali ethical business signed with Group Integrity at BIOFACH 2017

The ethical business and biodynamic training initiative 'OneWorld-a learning center' produces demeter-certified herbal teas and incense. The products are grown by three projects of different producing structures. There is a seven hectare biodynamic farm in Ghorka, managed by a team of 15 people. Additionally, a project focused in the Shakhtikhor area benefits a group of 600 farmers who do sustainable wild collection. Another participating project is a farmers cooperative formed by about 250 families mostly from the Chepang tribe who manage 100 hectares of leasehold forest and private lands in Chitwan district. 'OneWorld-a learning center'  joined Group Integrity at BIOFACH 2017 and will use the program to ensure production according to demeter standards.


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