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14 Oct

Group Integrity Saving Queries

Create your own group of contacts to access for immediate or future reference

Today we would like to inform you about a great function of Group Integrity called Saving Queries. It provides users with administrator rights with the possibility to create multiple groups of contacts and to manage their own lists of farmers, producers, or any set of different contacts they need to access for an immediate or a future reference. The Query function is already built in Group Integrity, therefore there is no need to request its installation.

You can create as many queries as you want, and you can edit or delete any query. For example, if you want to cluster contacts for non-certification related reasons, e.g. those living in the northern part of your country or those who own their own vehicle, you can simply create a corresponding group. Or let’s imagine you want to save your own query with a group of contacts who have plans to build green houses at the end of the year – no problem with the group function.

How do I create a group and add new contacts to it?

To create a group and add contacts to it, use the search function, highlight the contact you wish to be part of your list and click the button “Add to Query”, which is located on the bottom right of the list. You will then be directed to the tab “Query”, where you will be able to see the contact you have just added. Go back to the contact search tab and repeat above steps to add more contacts on that Query. You can also speed up the process by highlighting multiple contacts and clicking the “Add to Query” button.

Once you have added all your contacts, stay on your tab “Query” to review your contact collection, then click “Save Query”, give it a name - and that is all: your Query will be available for your future references.

Sounds interesting? Request a live presentation of this function and more features by contacting any of the Group Integrity staff members.


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