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2 Jul

Electronic Checklists

Forget paper and switch to electronic checklists! Group Integrity helps you to maximise efficiency during inspections and avoid loss of printed reports.


You decide: one checklist for each standard – or one for all

Depending on the needs of your company, flexible, structured, multilingual electronic checklists can be designed and customised for each quality standard you are certifying against. Furthermore, you can create so-called "multi-standard checklists”: they merge different checklists into one and help you to save time by avoiding double-checks that are required by various standards. After having completed the inspection, the merged checklists can be separated again for certification of each standard.

All checkpoints are adaptable to your specific needs

The overall responses that can be given at each checkpoint are: compliant, not compliant, partially compliant or not applicable. However, the checkpoints themselves can contain specific features like dropdowns, boxes to tick, or tables to be filled in (called Costumed Fields). They can be prioritised with values such as “major must” or “minor must”. Explanations with clarifications for your inspectors or a standard reference can be added as a note to each question. Furthermore, texts for the different types of deviations as well as the degree of sanction and the deadlines for compliance can be predefined.

View past deviations at a glance

Checkpoints that were registered with a deviation in the past are highlighted with a coloured dot. In case the non-conformity is still open, a red dot will remind you of that. Has it been solved, the dot is green. By clicking on the dot, details of the non-conformity and its corrective actions pop up. Did your inspector find a new deviation? Any type of document related to the respective checkpoint can be uploaded as evidence.

Save time using our new App

Our new App for tablets and smartphones makes inspections even more efficient. It allows you, for example, to immediately upload a photo or a voice record, commenting on any checkpoint whilst you are on-site.

Find out where you stand

With the use of the function “Analysis”, every checkpoint from any inspection can be reviewed from a general perspective, allowing you to get an overall assessment of your group’s performance.

With so many functions to offer, conducting an audit will become a walk in the park for your inspectors!


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