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Group Integrity is a new software program that facilitates the certification of smallholder groups and businesses with small producers under contract farming. It achieves this through providing support with the management of the internal quality verification system (e.g. ICS, PGS, GLOBALG.A.P. Option 2).

Using Group Integrity means that preparation and implementation of internal controls are greatly simplified and thus the cooperation with the external certification body.

Group Integrity

  • An ultimate solution for the professional management of grower groups targeting national and international markets.
  • A solution essential for transforming your grower group into a well-structured, transparent and reliable market partner.
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Organic Services sends you the Integrity Insider

Organic Services brings you an Integrity Insider packed with information


Group Integrity Welcomes New Client: One World

The German-Nepali ethical business signed with Group Integrity at BIOFACH 2017


The first Integrity Insider of 2017 is out!

Organic Services can't wait to welcome you at our booth at 1-653 at BIOFACH!


BIOFACH is coming up

Yep, that's right - it's time to start thinking about BIOFACH again. We're excited about the upcoming BIOFACH and want to give you a preview of what you can expect to hear from us there.


Group Integrity and the Dutch University of Applied Sciences "Hogeschool VHL" collaborate again

Following the initial successful and positive collaboration between Group Integrity and the Dutch University of Applied Sciences "Hogeschool VHL” last year, Organic Services’ software is being used as part of the university’s curriculum for the second year in a row. Group Integrity is an important component of the study unit, "The Traceability for Sustainability,” and is made available to students in their senior year.


Geographic Indication as a Means to Grow Consumer Trust

The geographic indication certification scheme gives consumers the right to know that when they buy Parmigiano Reggiano PDO, they are buying the real thing.


Supply Chain Integrity with Check X

What is needed for supply chain integrity? Organic Services is currently undertaking a feasibility study as part of the FoodIntegrity project (funded as part of the EU Seventh Framework Programme) to answer this question.


Group Integrity Highlighted in Integrity Insider

Organic Services delivers news and updates on its software solutions for integrity management.


Forum Sustainable Cocoa

Organic Services (Germany) was invited to present its web-based software tool, Group Integrity, at the ‘Forum Sustainable Cocoa’ (GISCO) at the GIZ’s main office.


Cooperation between Group Integrity and the Dutch University of Applied Sciences “Hogeschool VHL”

Group Integrity and the Dutch University of Applied Sciences "Hogeschool VHL” have agreed to incorporate Group Integrity into "The Traceability Unit for Sustainability", thus making it available to students attending their senior year.

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