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20 Oct 2020

Thinking ahead: Internet of Things (IoT) for Food

Digitalisation is a buzz word and many people don’t know what it means for them or their company. Where do we stand? How far does digitalisation go? And is the process of going digital ever completed? Organic Services is now a member of the IoT4Food network, where we will further explore the chances of the Internet of Things (IoT) for the food sector.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is fundamental for connecting physical objects with virtual information. It allows for processes to run without direct human intervention. To make this possible, sensors – the smallest computers – are being used to verify and check parameters like temperatures, movements, etc. These sensors communicate directly with other machines, prompting them to react and learn through artificial intelligence. All this is aimed at one purpose: at making our lives easier.

We from Organic Services have developed software solutions for three user groups:

  1. Group Integrity for smallholder groups and companies with smallholders in contract farming
  2. Ecert Basic for certifiers
  3. Check Organic for holistic supply chain transparency, to prevent fraud and maintain the authenticity of the organic brand

With our membership in the IoT4Food network*, we think towards the future. What does the Internet of Things mean for us and our applications, what does it mean for our partners and clients? We look forward to learning from our network partners, but also to contribute with our knowledge and experience.

In September, we reported about our membership at the Space2Agriculture innovation network, a network that we have joined for the very same reasons. With our commitment, we want to learn how satellite data can be used for the future development of control and certification systems and how it can be linked with our software solutions.

As always, we don’t shy away from new means and ways to improve, increase efficiency and push innovation to the next level. What's next? We will report.


* The IoT4Food network supports both businesses and research institutions, connects stakeholders with diverse backgrounds and prepares the ground for innovative food-related projects. The network receives funds from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

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