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9 Feb 2015

Group Integrity has gone through a successful development over 2014

More than 150 groups, interested Implementation Partner have been introduced to the tool. About a third of them have asked for using the demo.

Contracts have been signed with Paul Espanion, Brazil and Henry Monroy, Colombia now serving as Implementation Partner in their country, but also for the region. Also with members of the Certification Alliance (South East Asian countries) contracts were signed to offer Group Integrity in their countries (Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines). Two further organizations in Latin America (Mexico and Chile) are also about to offer Group Integrity in their countries.

Contact Ecofacilitações Brazil, Mr. Paul Espanion:
Contact Agritec Colombia, Mr. Henry Monroy:

The ‘Standard Matrix’ including six organic standards, e.g. EU, NOP plus other relevant standards e.g. Fairtrade and GLOBALG.A.P. have been updated.

During 2014, Group Integrity has been adapted to aquaculture specifications and tested in an Indian aquaculture project implemented for an Austrian retail company.

As a much requested new tool Group Integrity now features a ‘Supply diary’ in which group members’ delivery is recorded and can thus be tracked. This functionality is also of help for accounting, respectively payment of members.

Since BIOFACH 2014 it turned out that Group Integrity is also perfectly meeting requirements of importers who want to have real time transparency and better tools for quality management on the ground. Any company standard can be implemented and data is available for further internal use.

The Group Integrity team at Organic Services has been expanded to three native Spanish speaking staff. Apart from Spanish, English and Portuguese speaking staff or Implementation Partner are available.

Please get in contact with , , ,  for further information.

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