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1 Mar 2017

BIOFACH/ Vivaness 2017

It is a good tradition that Organic Services contributes to the BIOFACH Congress Programme. For 2017 the organisers accepted two proposals.


Accreditation of organic certifiers - Systems, experiences and risk-oriented surveillance

For the first time at BIOFACH 2017 a session discussed topics on ‘Accreditation’. Presenters focused on their activities but looked beyond to cooperation, needed harmonisation of various levels of accreditation whether private or public and made proposals of areas that need change and improvement. Please find here the presentations of Paul Axmann, Institute for organic farming BMLFUW AustriaLars Crail, USDA Agricultural Marketing ServiceDavid Crucefix, IOAS and Wolfram Hartmann, DAkkS.

Beyond certification - safeguarding supply chain integrity

The second session looked at efforts of safeguarding supply chain integrity from farmer to company level. Challenges were discussed, but also appropriate solutions provided. Unfortunately the company presentation was not released for publication. Please find the presentations of Joseph Sunil, PDS Organic Spices, Roberto Pinton, Federbio, and Frank Gerriets, Organic Services.

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