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9 Jul 2021

Business models and innovative solutions for Short Food Supply Chains

The shorter the better – this is a common conclusion when it comes to the integrity and crisis resilience of food supply chains. The 3-year long EU-funded Horizon2020 project SMARTCHAIN has introduced new robust business models and innovative practical solutions that allow short food supply chains (SFSCs) to be realised at a larger scale in an economically feasible, sustainable and environment-friendly way.

A wide range of policymakers, practitioners and researchers from 11 EU countries were involved, analysing and developing the potential of SFSCs to create a shift in the way we grow, distribute, and consume food, responding to the needs of farmers, food producers and consumers.

Tailor-made solutions were developed for 18 short supply chain case studies which hence serve as blueprints for other short food supply chains. Based on the findings, a booklet was compliled, providing insights and recommendations to support collobarative short food supply chains.

With our expertise in integrity solutions in the field of certification and accreditation, we from Organic Services introduced Check Organic and Group Integrity as well as the overall concept of Participatory Guarantee Systems (PGS) to the SMARTCHAIN Innovation Inventory. For PGS, we developed a training video that can be viewed on our Youtube Channel. Moreover, we contributed to the policy and recommendation report for the EU.

The participants of the project will keep each other up to date via the Linkedin-Group Short Food Chain EU Community where information about similar projects and activities will be shared.

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