Group Integrity

The software facilitates certification by supporting groups to meet the complex administrative and documentary requirements of various standards throughout the work-flow of the internal control process.

Complete data collection

All the group’s internal procedures and data are managed by an efficient database, which includes reports, e.g. farmer and crop lists, and corrective actions as well as data export functions to facilitate cooperation with the external certifier.

Increased data security

Problems with loss of data or retrieval as in paper documentation are prevented, and data kept up to date and available any time. Even if ICS administrative personnel or officers are changing, the group management system is not compromised, which adds stability and reliability to the group, and finally helps to contain or even lower costs.

Designed for global use

Group Integrity is multi-lingual, globally accessed through the internet and no installation is required. The system is updated regularly and offers multi-standard inspection checklists showing the control points/ indicators of the relevant standards applied including organic (EU, NOP, JAS, Naturland, Bio Suisse, Demeter), Fairtrade, UTZ Certified, GlobalG.A.P. Additional standards and languages can be added easily.

Screenshot of multi-standard inspection checklist.
Screenshot of multi-standard inspection checklist.

Benefits for grower groups include:

  • complete and reliable administration and documentation of the ICS
  • reduced efforts required for the implementation of the ICS and for the preparation of external controls
  • improved cooperation with the external certification body
  • lower costs and increased likelihood of certification for the groups
  • better market access
  • improved competitiveness of groups.

The group’s achievements with Group Integrity

  • increased accuracy and comprehensibility of data administration
  • improved integrity of certification and responsiveness
  • a strengthened market position and competitiveness of the group.

Learn how Group Integrity solution can help you professionalize your group’s internal management, inspections, certifications, follow-up and cooperation with your external certifier:

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